About Operation: Warrior’s Path

Operation: Warrior’s Path

Not all injuries of war are visible. Many veterans returning home face an invisible battle with PTSD as they attempt to readjust back into civilian life. Suffering from PTSD can cause veterans to feel detached from the people and world around them, or make it difficult to concentrate on and perform even basic daily activities. It’s all too easy to become overwhelmed by the memories of a traumatic event, and sadly, many veterans begin to contemplate taking their own lives as a result. By VA estimates, as many as 22 veterans commit suicide every day. Our goal at Operation: Warrior’s Path is to put an end to this suffering and provide the help our veterans need to win their internal war. PTSD should not be a death sentence. Warriors need to know that there is hope and that they are not alone.

Operation: Warrior’s Path is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to combatting PTSD in veterans. Our organization was created by veterans  who know what it’s like to struggle with PTSD and feel like there’s no hope, and who also know just how important it is to develop tools to cope with combat trauma.

Our Intent

We believe that no veteran should have to struggle to overcome PTSD alone. Warriors support each other on the battlefield and need to continue to support one another back home. Unfortunately, not everyone who needs a support network finds their way to organizations that helps veterans with PTSD. That’s why we’re creating the Operation: Warrior’s Path retreat in central Texas: we want to provide accessible therapy options to veterans who haven’t been able to find the right treatment elsewhere.

Our intent is to lay the foundation emotionally and physically to ensure that PTSD does not claim another victim on our watch. We know that there’s no magical cure for PTSD, but there are proven therapies that can help veterans regain control of their lives and effectively cope with stressful situations.

We’ve seen that PTSD organizations led by veterans are often the most successful because the organization founders understand what their program participants are going through and are well-equipped to help participants find the form of therapy that works best for them. We intend to offer equine therapy and many other forms of non-conventional therapies at our retreat center so that veterans can find new, actionable approaches to combatting PTSD. Veterans will work with PTSD specialists and one another to begin building their life after the military.

Our Approach

The Warrior’s Path

Operation: Warrior’s Path is a 4-day program designed to help veterans journey towards a life that isn’t controlled by PTSD. Veterans will be invited to our Retreat Center in central Texas, where they will have the opportunity to participate in different types of group and individual therapy, including PTSD counselor-led classroom sessions and hands-on equine therapy. Veterans are not required to participate in specific therapies, but will be given the opportunity to see what connects with them.  

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We are gearing up to combat PTSD head on with the Warrior’s Path and Project, but we need your help to establish our retreat center. If this is a cause you truly believe in, please make a donation.

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Do you know a veteran who could benefit from PTSD treatment from our organization? Nominate him or her today so they can begin their path to winning their internal war against PTSD.                                                 



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If Operation: Warrior’s Path is an organization you believe in, please take the time to provide a donation in any way you can to our cause. We are accepting funding, resources, and volunteer work. If you are unable to make a donation, we ask that you take a short amount of time to share or tweet our page and spread awareness of the Warrior’s Path so we can all do our duty to end the war with PTSD.

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If you are a veteran battling with PTSD or if you know a friend or family member living with this constant struggle, please contact Operation: Warrior’s Path today. Our organization’s goal is to provide non-conventional PTSD treatment that ensures this disorder does not lay claim to another victim. There is hope with the Warrior’s Path.

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