Alternative Treatment Programs for PTSD

There are over 21 million veterans of the US armed forces, and while these warriors have returned home, many of them are now engaged in a less visible battle. The Department of Veterans Affairs reports that up to 20% of troops who served in Iraq and Afghanistan have come home with PTSD, and the suicide rate for veterans is significantly higher than the suicide rate for the general population. The men and women who serve our country need better resources to help them process their trauma and find meaning in their life back home. With Operation: Warrior’s Path available for our strongest veterans, they have access to PTSD counseling and treatment programs designed to bring back hope and bring them home from the constant internal war they are fighting daily.

Operation: Warrior’s Path is dedicated to providing veterans the tools they need to thrive. We are establishing a retreat in central Texas and will be inviting veterans to participate in proven therapies and team building exercises to help them combat PTSD. Our intent is to lay the foundation emotionally and physically to ensure that PTSD does not claim another victim on our watch.

We ask that veterans and family members nominate their loved ones that are combatting PTSD to participate in our programs: the Warrior’s Path and Warrior’s Project. While both programs are completely free, as a non-profit organization we are in need of the support of donors in order to reach and heal as many veterans as we can. If you believe this is a worthy cause, please make a donation to Operation: Warrior’s Path.

The Warrior’s Path

The Warrior’s Path is a 5 to 7 day program that takes place at a quiet retreat center located in Texas. Developed as a solution help veterans in their daily struggles following their return home, the Path provides alternative treatments for PTSD.

With our use of non-conventional therapies, veterans are taught to shape their own futures through equine, sports, art, music, team building exercises, and labyrinth activities. Our goal is to let our brothers know there is hope; physically, mentally and emotionally.

The Warrior’s Project

The Warrior’s Project is a home building initiative that’s in line with our mission to do more, give more, and take less. Through this program, veterans get their skin in the game by working alongside other volunteers to modify existing structures and repair improperly working features of the homes that our soldiers will be or are currently living in. This lets veterans ground themselves in their community and establish an emotional and physical foundation for their future. For our veterans that are struggling with PTSD, we are here to help them not lose hope and know there is a way home.

Nominate a Veteran

If you are the family member or friend of someone who you think could benefit from Operation: Warrior’s Path PTSD treatment for veterans, nominate him or her today.                                                                               

Make a Donation

If you believe Operation: Warrior’s Path is a worthy cause, please take a moment to donate funds, resources, or volunteer work. If you are unable to donate, we ask that you simply share or tweet our page to spread awareness of this silent killer so we can do our duty to battle PTSD together.

Start the Path to PTSD Recovery

If you are a veteran struggling with PTSD or if you have a friend or family member fighting this tragic disorder, please contact Operation: Warrior’s Path today. Our goal is to provide programs that ensure PTSD does not lay claim to another victim. There is hope. There is a way home.