The Warrior’s Path:
PTSD Treatment & Therapy

According to a report from the PTSD Foundation of America , an estimated 1 in 3 US soldiers is being diagnosed with serious post-traumatic stress symptoms upon returning home from battle. Less than 40% of these veterans will actively seek help, and without the right support, the risk of suicide increases. One study  found that veterans are 50% more likely than civilians to commit suicide, and by some estimates, 22 veterans  take their own lives every day. Our goal at Operation: Warrior’s Path is to provide a solution to PTSD by battling it head on through non-conventional means of treatment and therapy.

We can’t let PTSD continue to control our veterans’ daily lives. By providing more effective treatments for PTSD, Operation: Warrior’s Path is stepping forward to put an end to the loss of more of our veterans to suicide. It is with this mentality that we are starting the Warrior’s Path program. Learn more about our program below, and if this is a cause you believe in, please consider making a donation to helping soldiers win the war against PTSD.

What is the Warrior's Path?

The Warrior’s Path is a 4 day PTSD treatment program that takes place at a quiet retreat center in Texas. The Path teaches veterans to shape their own futures through alternative methods of PTSD therapy. For example, equine therapy, in which veterans learn to control their adrenaline and cultivate trust with horses, is a significant part of our approach. We also use art and music therapy, sports, team building exercises, labyrinth activities, and other strategies to help our vets successfully process their combat trauma. Veterans will have the opportunity to participate in both individual and group therapy for PTSD.

Veterans nominated to take part in our program will be able to explore different treatment approaches. By providing both PTSD counseling and a range of activity resources at our retreat, we hope to allow our program participants to find the therapeutic solution that works best for them. Everyone is different, and we recognize that each veteran may need a different therapy or combination of therapies in order to learn to cope with PTSD and better control their emotions.

At Operation: Warrior’s Path our ultimate goal is to keep veterans from getting to the point where they lose everything, their family or their career, and to stop them from pulling the trigger. We are here to help veterans re-establish who they are following their combat experience, learn to trust and engage others with a support network, and make the changes that are needed to successful integrate back themselves into civilian life.

How We Treat PTSD

Equine Therapy

Art Therapy

Music Therapy

Sports Therapy

Team Building

The Labyrinth

About Our Facilities

Our retreat is located on a ranch in the scenic Texas Hill Country, about 25 miles southwest of Austin. We are currently constructing cabins that sleep 3-4 and have full amenities, including a kitchen. All cabins will be 100% ADA compliant.


Nominate a Veteran

Are you a family member or friend of a vet who you think would benefit from PTSD treatment? Nominate him or her today so they can begin their path to a life without PTSD.



Make a Donation

If you believe the Warrior’s Path is a worthy cause, please take a moment to provide a donation in any way you can. We are accepting funding, resources, and volunteer work. If you are unable to make a donation, we ask that you take a short amount of time to share or tweet our page and spread awareness of the Warrior’s Path so we can all do our duty to end the war with PTSD.

Start Your Journey on
the Warrior’s Path

If you are a veteran battling with PTSD or if you know a friend or family member living with this constant struggle, please contact Operation: Warrior’s Path today. Our goal is to provide non-conventional PTSD treatment that ensures this disorder does not lay claim to another victim. There is hope with the Warrior’s Path.