The Warrior’s Path
Retreat Center for PTSD

“May all warriors who enter here be healed.”

In order to be able to better serve veterans who have lost hope from PTSD, Operation: Warrior’s Path has a 39 acre PTSD treatment facility in Central Texas. Warriors following The Path program can stay at our retreat center ranch as they go through the healing process. The ranch serves as our primary PTSD retreat center.

The Main Lodge

The Warrior’s Path is a 5-7 day PTSD treatment program that takes place at a quiet retreat center in Texas. The Path teaches veterans to shape their own futures through alternative methods of PTSD therapy. For example, equine therapy, in which veterans learn to control their adrenaline and cultivate trust with horses, is a significant part of our approach. We also use art and music therapy, sports, team building exercises, labyrinth activities, and other strategies to help our vets successfully process their combat trauma. Veterans will have the opportunity to participate in both individual and group therapy for PTSD.

Veterans nominated to take part in our program will be able to explore different treatment approaches. By providing both PTSD counseling and a range of activity resources at our retreat, we hope to allow our program participants to find the therapeutic solution that works best for them. Everyone is different, and we recognize that each veteran may need a different therapy or combination of therapies in order to learn to cope with PTSD and better control their emotions.

At Operation: Warrior’s Path our ultimate goal is to keep veterans from getting to the point where they lose everything, their family or their career, and to stop them from pulling the trigger. We are here to help veterans re-establish who they are following their combat experience, learn to trust and engage others with a support network, and make the changes that are needed to successful integrate back themselves into civilian life.

The Ranch


Veterans’ accommodations consist of 2 fully-furnished living cabins that house 15 people each, and a commercial kitchen and full large dining facility.

There is a 4-foot deep fire pit for outdoor gathering and peaceful meditation. The equine facility that is central to our program includes barn and stables with 12 horses. Outdoor living space, which is central to the retreat, includes 900 yards of fully stocked creek, and trails. There are also activity areas such as a basketball court, horseshoes, volleyball and more.

The ranch also contains The Labyrinth, which is another type of therapy. In order to reach the center of The Labyrinth, warriors must symbolically lay down all of their weapons and all of their emotional baggage. Getting through the labyrinth is a rite of passage, and it’s designed to help those who enter to have a better understanding of who they are within in a safe environment. The ranch is entirely ADA accessible.


Non-Conventional Therapies

Other treatments for PTSD at our facilities in addition to equine therapy include art and music therapy, sports activities and team-building activities where earning trust is key, just as it is with the horses the warriors will be working with. Medication alone is not enough to help the many veterans suffering with PTSD. Our retreat center is a mental training facility that takes our vets on a reflective journey. Our program incorporates elements of military training and habits to help ease warriors through the process in a way that they are used to training. It helps them discover who they are now and who they are meant to be moving forward.

Our programs, The Warrior’s Path and The Warrior’s Project, have been successful in helping veterans with PTSD with little to no hope left. Our program and our PTSD retreat center are unique in that they bring warriors together again to fight through one last major battle. Our program is directed by veterans who have suffered from PTSD and who have won their internal war.

Nominate a Veteran

Do you know a veteran that could benefit from PTSD treatment at our retreat center? Nominate him or her today for the Warrior’s Path and help them take the first step towards living a life free of PTSD.


Make a Donation

If you believe in what Operation: Warrior’s Path is doing, please take a moment to provide a donation to our cause. We accept funds, resources, and volunteer work. If you are unable to make a donation, we ask that you take a quick moment of your time to share or tweet our page and help spread awareness so we can all do our duty to end the war with PTSD.


Help Operation: Warrior’s Path Create the Best PTSD Help Center in Central Texas

Be a part of the fight against PTSD by helping Operation: Warrior’s Path to build and sustain this life-saving retreat for the veterans that have served our country. Veterans and their families deserve more than to be left to deal with PTSD on their own, and should never have to suffer from the tragedies that can result from that approach. Let’s make the Operation: Warrior’s Path retreat one of the best PTSD help centers for veterans in the country together.